Your Wedding Soundtrack


Picking the right music for your wedding is very important in regards to setting the mood and tone for your wedding ceremony and reception. Your wedding ceremony music is critical in moving the service along, and keeping all your friends and family entertained leading up to the Bride’s grand entrance. Every couple is different when it comes to the kind of music they select for their wedding ceremony, but one thing most couples have in common is the order of their playlist. Wedding ceremony playlists tend to be divided into four parts: prelude (background music played as ushers seat guests); the processional (bridal party and bride walk down the aisle); interludes (music played throughout the service); and recessional (played at the exit of the wedding party).

The Wedding Venue and Your Wedding Soundtrack

Your wedding venue can play an important role in creating your wedding ceremony playlist. If you are planning to have your ceremony at a church, you will want to make sure that you contact the music director to have him or her give you a list of songs that are played during worship services, since many churches do not allow secular music inside the sanctuary. If you are going to have your ceremony at any other location, then the sky’s is the limit for selecting a variety of genres of music to be played throughout your ceremony.

You and Your Wedding Soundtrack

As you begin to search for what songs to be played at your wedding ceremony, a good piece of advice would be to pick songs that fit your personality. If “traditional” wedding music is not your thing, why not replace it with something that rings true to you as a couple? An example would be if the both of you have a favorite song have it be played during the “recessional” as you walk down the aisle as husband and wife. Another method is to look back at a wedding that you attended and remember songs that you heard and liked. If there are certain songs that caught your attention, try them and see if they would be an option in your ceremony playlist. Your songs don’t have to be the most popular songs or commonly used, as long as they capture the true love and emotion that the two of you share.

TIP: Whether you select a quartet, professional singer, or Phoenix DJ, remember to make sure you get a signed contract that itemizes your interests. The contract should include the fee that was agreed upon ,either hourly or a flat fee, as well as specifics regarding playlist, location, time, and dress code.

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Creating Your First Dance

One of the most memorable parts of the wedding reception is the couple’s first dance. However, dancing under a spotlight in front of a group of people can be a bit intimidating. A good dance instructor can empower you with the confidence, experience and knowledge you need to enjoy the romance of your first dance as a married couple. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect first dance:

Be Smart When Choosing a Song

When picking your wedding music during your wedding planning, keep in mind the tempo and length of the song. Try to select a danceable song with a consistent beat no longer than 3 minutes.

Select a Professional Choreographer

A professional choreographer with ballroom experience is ideal. If you need recommendations, DMR Wedding Entertainment would love to suggest the choreographers that we have worked with. Let your choreographer know where you will enter the dance floor and its size and shape. Communicate what your wedding dress is like and any “special’ moves like dips, turns, and spins that you had in mind to make your dance memorable and elegant. windows domain. This will help your instructor create the perfect dance that will be both elegant and photograph beautifully.

Start Your Lessons About 3 Months Early

This will give you enough time to plan, practice, and perfect your dance without any stress of the stress of a close deadline. Plan to practice your dance at least twice a week to feel comfortable, and be able to look relaxed on your wedding day.

Coordinate Your Dance

Advise your Phoenix Wedding DJ, band leader and photographers how and when you plan to start and end your First Dance. Also, It is very important that your Arizona DJ or band have the correct version of your dance.


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