Top Phoenix Wedding Caterers

While the wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the main event of any wedding celebration, the lunch or dinner is always greatly anticipated by guests. By the time they have a plate of food in front of them, guests tend to be ravenous and looking forward to an excellent meal. If the chicken is dry or the steak too chewy—well, we all have that one relative who won’t hesitate to comment. Besides, it’s your wedding! You deserve a high-quality meal (and you’ll need one to get some energy to dance to the wedding reception music)!

As a wedding DJ in Phoenix, Arizona, I’ve gotten to work with and experience many of the wedding caterers that Phoenix has to offer. Phoenix is an amazing place and I can definitely say that there are a lot of options when it comes to the types of cuisine you want at your wedding. The difficult part isn’t in finding a caterer, but in choosing one from the multitude of options.

There are so many great catering options in Phoenix that I had a hard time narrowing down my list of favorites to just three. I felt the same way when choosing my favorite Phoenix wedding venues. After all that introspection, I can definitely say that these Arizona wedding caterers will not let you down:

PC: Heidi’s Events & Catering

Heidi’s Events & Catering

Heidi’s Events & Catering is a full-service event planning company and caterer that has been “making good times easy since 1992.” With menus tailored to fit every pallet and occasion, it’s hard to go wrong by choosing Heidi’s. The company started as an idea in 1991, and by 1995, Heidi’s had a state-of-the-art kitchen that eventually became “over 11,000 square feet of kitchen, corporate offices, and the rental division in Tempe, Arizona.”

Heidi’s offers buffet style service, table service, and cocktail party “mix and mingle” service. There are a multitude of menus that include Mexican, Southwestern, and Tropical cuisine, as well as special menus for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. They even have a breakfast menu! With so many options, it would be hard not to find something that works for you and your wedding. Like I said, you can’t go wrong with Heidi’s.

PC: Avanti


The chef and owner of Avanti, Angiolo Livi is world-renowned for his mastery of authentic Italian and Continental cuisine. Avanti also specializes in other styles of gourmet cuisine, “from casual American BBQ & Mexican fiestas, to formal French & Asian Pacific.” Avanti lays claim to many awards and accolades, including the Best Traditional Meal Award and has been mentioned in publications, such as People’s Choice and Gourmet Magazine.

Celebrating over 35 years of culinary expertise, Avanti has continued to grow with clients from major corporations, banks, hospitals, and more. In order to keep up with the most recent trends in food, Avanti Catering specializes in “ethnic food stations, martini, dessert and cappuccino bars.” Avanti caters to occasions of all sizes, including intimate dinners, rehearsal dinners and weddings— “any venue, any size from 10 to 10,000.”

Avanti puts an emphasis on working with customers in order to personalize their menu, so that they can create “Anything your heart desires and your mind can imagine.”

PC: Put a Fork in It Catering

Put a Fork in It Catering

Put a Fork in It Catering has been serving the valley and surrounding cities since 2006. As a full-service event planning company, Put a Fork in It promises to “see your event from start to finish. From your venue search to color schemes, centerpieces and dessert stations.” They also vow to “give you the event that you want, NOT the one we think you should have.”

Put a Fork in It caters to all types of events. From the most elegant to the most casual wedding. You can choose from one of their many catering menus, or meet with their chef to customize your own, personal menu. They have Brazilian BBQ, Caribbean Style, Hawaiian Celebration, and Italian Tastes menus, as well as many more options.

In order to support the community and serve the freshest food possible, Put a Fork in It utilizes local and organic ingredients. This is just one of the reasons their food is so delicious!

While weddings are fun, they’re also tiring. By the time the food is served, guests are starving and excited to sit down to a relaxing meal. In this way, the meal can make or break your guest’s experience. Because of this, finding the right caterer for your wedding is vital. There are many caterers in Phoenix, but you need to be able to differentiate between a quality caterer and one that won’t put you first. Don’t fall for the cheaper caterer. In this case, you definitely get what you pay for.


Know of a quality Phoenix caterer? Let me know below!

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Header Image Photo Credit: Heidi’s Events & Catering

The Makings of a Good Wedding MC


When it comes to planning a wedding, the importance of a good wedding MC is often underestimated. It’s easy to focus on other vendors, such as the caterer, photographer, and baker, and forget just how big a role the MC, or Master of Ceremonies, will play in your wedding reception. Because of this, it’s vital that you find a good Wedding MC who knows their stuff.

As an MC myself, I’ve spent a lot of time researching other Masters of Ceremony to see what works, and what doesn’t. I’ve also seen a lot of instances where the MC was actually a friend of the newly-married couple. There are both pros and cons to this. While the friend is more able to include personalized commentary throughout the reception, they’re still a guest and likely to get distracted.

A professional MC, on the other hand, knows what they’re doing, won’t get distracted, and will make sure the bride and groom are always the center of attention. Like I said, I’ve spent a lot of time looking into what works and what doesn’t. Here are some qualities I’ve found that make a good MC:


A good wedding MC can balance being a DJ with being a Master of Ceremonies

Like me, many MCs are also DJs. This means they have to be able to multitask and be just as good at both jobs. Not only should they be able to keep the dancefloor full, but a good wedding MC and DJ will have a commanding voice to keep the event under control.

If you’ve never hired a DJ before, here’s some questions you should ask your prospective wedding DJ, and some tips on how to get the most out of your DJ.


A good wedding MC works well with other vendors

Quite honestly, all of your vendors should be able to do this. They’re like a team you’ve assembled to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. Each hire you make should relieve some of your stress, so it’s important to hire professional vendors who know how to do their job. To make sure everything goes smoothly, they will need to communicate. They should all know the wedding reception timeline, and follow their cues. This is especially important with the MC, who’s in charge of announcing all the events of the evening.

Need some extra help planning your wedding? Check out these super helpful wedding apps.


A good wedding MC will keep everything on track

There’s a lot going on a wedding receptions and a good MC will keep everything organized. The events should flow smoothly into each other, and not take up too little or too much time. It is up to the MC to make sure that events such as the cocktail hour, dinner, speeches, and dancing start and end on time. The Master of Ceremonies will direct the guests and introduce the wedding party during the speeches and dances.

Confused about the traditional timeline of a wedding reception. This wedding reception event timeline is what I’ve seen most often.


A good wedding MC can read a crowd

A good MC will know when to be serious, when to be lighthearted, and when to switch tactics. Just like how a good DJ should be able to tell which songs are working, which aren’t, and can adjust accordingly. While you definitely have to take direction from the bride and groom, they don’t usually dictate the tone you’ll use, so it’s up to you to find the perfect persona for the evening. If your first attempt doesn’t work, do whatever it takes to hit the right note with the guests.


A good wedding MC can improvise

Like I said before, switching tactics is important, especially when something has gone wrong. While it’s partially the MC’s job to make sure everything goes according to plan, it’s also their job to make sure everything runs smoothly even if it hasn’t. If something has gone wrong, a good wedding MC will be unflappable, and have a plan B ready to save the evening. There are a lot of moving parts involved in a wedding reception, so odds are, not everything will go off without a hitch. The MC must make the guests feel as though it did.

It’s easy to think that the DJ part of my job is the aspect that requires the most creativity. However, being a Master of Ceremonies takes just as much inventiveness, if not more. I have to be keep track of numerous events, vendors and people while seeming like whole reception has been a breeze. I have to anticipate the needs of people I’ve just met, and improvise when something goes wrong. While it may seem fun for a friend to do this, I’d definitely hire a professional. It takes a lot of work to be a good wedding MC.

Photo Credit: Monique Hessler Weddings