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I know it’s not exactly holiday season yet, but we’re close enough that if you’re thinking about popping the question, you’ll probably be making that decision soon. According to surveys, a lot of people are thinking about a holiday proposal right about now.

A Wedding Wire article “Top 10 Most Popular Days to Get Engaged”, shows that Christmas day is the most popular day of the year for proposals. Some of the runner-ups include, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, December 23rd, and two Saturdays before Christmas Eve. So, six of the ten days mentioned in the article take place during this special time of year.

You see the trend?

As a Wedding DJ & MC based in Phoenix, Arizona, a lot of my couples have told me about their amazing holiday proposals. They’ve also mentioned some things you should keep in mind if you’re going to propose in front of your entire family.

I’m here to tell you why you should get engaged over the holidays…and what you need to consider before doing so.

Why People are Getting Engaged During the Holidays


  1. Your family will be there

Your friends and family will be able to share in the excitement with you. If you have a big and close family, the holidays may be a great time for a proposal. Instead of spreading the news via phone, everyone important to you will be right there. What’s better than having your own group of personal cheerleaders?

Also, if you’re planning an elaborate proposal, you’ll have a lot of people there to help you pull it off. If needed, they can keep your significant other distracted, set up the proposal site, or be in charge of film and photography.

  1. You get time off work to enjoy the bliss

Yes, you’re technically getting time off for the holidays, but why not pretend you’re vacationing in beautiful engagement bliss? Not only will you get the chance to go on a mini-getaway, but you’ll also have more time to plan an engagement party, or start talking logistics about the wedding. It’s kind of a bummer to get engaged and then go to work the next day, but getting engaged during the holidays really lets you soak in the feeling.

  1. You’ll never forget your anniversary

As time goes on, the anniversary is the first big date you forget. If you propose on Christmas or New Year’s, you’ll never forget it. Not only will it make these days that much more important to you, but they serve as a great reminder to get your significant other that gift they’ve been (not so subtly) hinting at.

  1. It’s romantic

The holidays aren’t just the happiest time of the year, they’re the most romantic. Imagine the twinkling lights, the smell of pine and cinnamon, or bending down on one knee just as clock reaches midnight. It’s the perfect atmosphere for a proposal.

Things to Keep in Mind if Getting Engaged During the Holidays


  1. Your family will be there

The presence of your family is both a pro and a con when it comes to getting engaged during the holidays. They’ll be there to cheer you on and help you out, but it may be a very cringe-worthy event if your partner says no. So, if you decided to propose during the holidays, you better be reasonably certain that they’re going to say yes. Any other outcome would definitely bring down the festivities. On the bright side, at least you’d have your family there to console you.

  1. Everyone might not be 100% happy for you

This one is hard to think about, but it’s also true. It’s not that a family member would resent you. They might have a lot of things on their mind at this time. You can’t expect to propose at the Christmas party and then have it be all about you. You have to be willing to be the happy side-note of the party. Your family will be thrilled for you, but everyone has their own plans on Christmas. Your proposal may not be as important to everyone else as it is to you.

You may also have to tone down the cheer. Especially if you have a recently-divorced relative, or a sibling desperately waiting for their own proposal. If you decide to propose in front of the family, their feelings will have to be taken into account as well. While most proposals are solely between two people, choosing such a public forum changes things.

I hope this post has been helpful! Especially if there’s anyone out there debating whether or not a holiday proposal is a good idea. I thinks it’s one of the most romantic proposals, but be sure you know what you’re doing!

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