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As a professional Wedding DJ & MC based in Phoenix, Arizona, I pay a lot of attention to when people are getting married. June is obvioulsy always a busy month for me, and the winter months—such as December—well, that’s when people are getting engaged.

According to the Wedding Wire 2018 Newlywed Report, Christmas is the most popular day of the year to propose, followed by Valentine’s Day and Christmas Eve. While getting engaged during the holidays definitely has its pros and cons, I feel that not enough people appreciate just how amazing a wedding this time of the year can be.

According to The Knot, December is the least popular month to get married, with a major spike in nuptials on December 31st. Why is this?

Because New Year’s Eve is a great time to get married!

I’ve decided to write a blog post in defense of getting married on New Year’s Eve. It’s a highly underrated time of the year to get married, and there are so many reasons for you to consider getting married on New Year’s Eve:

Everyone is ready to party on New Year’s Eve

If there’s one day of the year where just about everyone is ready to party, it’s New Year’s Eve. This is the time of the year that it’s socially acceptable for people of all ages to stay up all night and have fun. It’s actually considered weird to go to bed before midnight.

Why not take advantage of this?

If you want your guests to cut loose and truly enjoy your big day, then getting married on New Year’s Eve is the way to go. Most people plan on celebrating anyways, so why not celebrate together?

There’s no such thing as “too much”

Did you have your heart set on glitter, sparkles, and a black, gold, and silver color scheme? This is the one time of year that—not matter your venue—these colors are completely acceptable. You can go all out and drape everything in gold, and no one would even blink.

Sparklers? Go for it. Glitter bombs? You may regret it tomorrow, but sure. A champagne fountain? Yes!

Everyone can be as glamorous as they want, and wear the outfits they’ve never had the occasion to wear. Nothing is too tacky.

You will never forget your anniversary

Not only will you never forget your anniversary, but getting married on New Year’s Eve means that you have an excuse to throw a big party every year! While you may choose to spend your anniversary alone together, you’ll always have the option to celebrate with friends and family.

Not only that, but getting married on New Year’s Eve is very symbolic. It’s the beginning of a new year, as well as your life together. Who could resist that amount of romance?

It’s your last chance to indulge before resolutions

If you’re one of the few people who actually sticks to their New Year’s resolutions, then this is your last chance to indulge before those resolutions kick in. And what a way to end the year!

If you’ve decided to give up sweets, drinking, meat, etc., this is a great way to go out with a bang. Enjoy the night before keeping to your promises in the morning. A lively wedding reception is the perfect time to have some fun before buckling down.

The countdown

This is the most anticipated portion of any New Year’s Eve party. The moment when everyone stops what they’re doing and counts down to the new year is absolutely magical. When you get married on New Year’s Eve, you’ll get to experience the magic of New Year’s Day side-by-side with the magic of your marriage.

Additionally, you can guarantee that you’ll be surrounded by friends and family during a time of the year that everyone wants to be surrounded by loved ones.

And when the clock strikes midnight? Well, that’s up to you. But the number of possibilities is endless.

Sparklers? Fireworks? Champagne?

Whatever you choose, the beginning of the new year will symbolize the beginning of your marriage and the celebration of your love. So, above all else, choose what’s right for you.

As a Wedding DJ & Master of Ceremonies, I love it when couples choose to get married on New Year’s Eve. It’s always a time of happiness and revelry. Guests are ready to celebrate and dance the night away. Not only that, but combining your bid day with one of the most magical nights of the year can only enhance both.

Not enough people appreciate the genius of getting married on New Year’s Eve, so I hope this article has made a good argument in defense of the New Year’s wedding. Have any additional thoughts about getting married on New Year’s Eve? Let me know below!

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